Innovative Openings Repair Services

We facilitate warranty repair service and out-of-warranty repair service for shades purchased from Innovative Openings.  We also offer DIY parts solutions for customers who did not purchase from Innovative Openings.

Note: Current child safety standard requirements for window treatments may not allow some products to be repaired because they can no longer meet required window covering standards.

What is a reasonable life expectancy for custom blinds and shades

The lifetime of a window covering varies depending upon the product and application. It’s reasonable to expect a 15-20 year life out of many window coverings, patio awnings and shades. Over the past 40 years we’ve seen a lot of heavy-duty hardware systems and 110 V AC motors hold up for 20 years or more of consistent use, but cords and fabrics are more vulnerable.  Environmental factors such as sun damage or abuse may necessitate replacement sooner.

Broken cords are our most common repair.

Restring Duette ShadeBroken cords in honeycomb shades (Duette & Applause) and horizontal blinds (wood blinds & miniblinds) are the most common blind or shade failure. Our largest supplier of corded blinds & shades, Hunter Douglas, offers a 7 year cord breakage warranty.

Innovative Openings defines the lifetime of a corded honeycomb shade as 15 years from the date of purchase. After 15 years the integrity of a window treatment has been compromised by normal wear and tear as well as exposure to sun, wind and moisture. Repairing a shade beyond its “lifetime” is unlikely to extend the usability of the shade for any valuable amount of time and will likely cause damage to brittle, irreplaceable components like fabric or discontinued hardware.

Innovative Openings does not offer a labor or parts warranty on repairs to blinds and shades with cord operating systems older than 15 years and will not accept responsibly for damage that could occur during the repair process. It is our opinion that many corded blinds and shades older than 15 years and subjected to heavy use should be replaced rather than repaired.


Repair Options for Innovative Openings past customers

  1. On-site repair by Innovative Openings Repair Technician
  2. Drop off at our Louisville, CO office to facilitate shop or warranty repairs
  3. Discounted Replacement Program for Old Blinds and Shades

Scroll down for specifics on each option:

Onsite repair by Innovative Openings

window covering repair service

  • Our repair technicians will come out to your location to assess and repair your shades on-site.
  • Fill out our Repair Request Form below. You can attach photos and repair details.  Make sure you give us your best phone & e-mail contact information.
  • Our office will attempt to respond within 24 hours during Monday-Friday to give you a quote, schedule the appointment and collect the trip charge.
  • Repair charges: $100 trip (collected at scheduling) + $80 per man/hour (collected after repair is complete). Charges for parts that are no longer under warranty may apply. Typical Lead time: 1 - 2 weeks.
  • Repair of products older than 15 years will require sign off waiver stating that there is no labor warranty and Innovative Openings is not responsible for problems that may arise during or after the repair.

Drop off repairs at our Louisville, CO office

Bring the broken blind or shade to our Louisville, CO office Monday through Friday between 10:00 – 3:00. With the order information on the shade, Innovative Openings can determine whether or not the repair will be covered under warranty.  Please note that we will only accept shades that were originally purchased from Innovative Openings with proof of purchase.

For Insolroll warranty service, we can make most repairs in our own facility.

For Hunter Douglas warranty service, we will obtain a Return Authorization from Hunter Douglas then we will package and ship your shade to their factory.

  • Innovative Openings charges $40 for processing Hunter Douglas warranty repairs (includes shipping and handling). This charge is not covered by the Hunter Douglas warranty.
  • Lead time is based upon factory processing time: generally about 3-6 weeks.
  • Shades can be shipped back to you directly at no additional charge or picked up at our location during office hours.

For non-warranty repairs, we will assess best, and most cost effective, way to proceed. Most re-strings will cost $80 per shade (plus shipping) depending upon the size and complexity.

Discounted Replacement Program for Old Blinds and Shades

Instead of continued repairs on old blinds and shades, purchase a long-term solution of same type and size. Cords and other shade components are likely to fail with more frequency as they age. Our discounted replacement program offers Innovative Openings’ past customers the best price on replacing their aging shades with newer products that will update their aesthetic and meet current child and pet safety standards.

Repair request form

  • Provide complete address
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    Your location helps us set realistic response expectations.
    We are unable to service products that were not purchased from Innovative Openings.
  • Please describe your product (honeycomb shade, wood shutter, patio awning...etc.) and the problem you are experiencing. The more information you can give us, the more accurate our advise and cost estimate will be.
  • Please attach a photo of your shade if you have one, or you can email photo to:
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Send us a photo of the headrail sticker with size and specs.  We can quickly price your replacement option.

Not all blinds and shades can be repaired by Innovative Openings.

After 15 years the integrity of a window treatments and awnings have been compromised by normal wear and tear as well as exposure to sun, wind and moisture. Repairing a shade beyond its “lifetime” can be expensive and may not extend the usability of the shade for any valuable amount of time.

At our discretion, Innovative Openings may refuse to accept a blind/shade for repair for any of the following reasons:

  • The shade was not purchased from Innovative Openings
  • Repair is not for original purchaser
  • Fabric issues including: holes, tears, or fabric that will not retain shape.
  • Irreplaceable brittle, cracked, or missing components
  • Excessive dust, stains, or insect bodies
  • The product or its components have been discontinued

Child Safety Standards & Regulations in the Window Treatment Industry

Current Child Safety requirements may affect whether or not your manually operated window treatment can be repaired.

  • All Innovative Openings’ repairs will be subject to current Child Safety Standards*. All repaired window coverings will be brought into compliance with current Child Safety Standards. There may be additional costs involved to achieve compliance.
  • Some repairs will not be performed if we can’t bring the shade into compliance with child safety standards.
  • For more information on current Child Safety Standards, please visit:


D.I.Y. repairs

Innovative Openings stocks blind and shade parts and repair kits for do-it-yourselfers to make repairs.  For those handy customers looking for fast repairs, DIY may be your best option.

Warranty Parts

If your blinds or shades are under manufacturer's warranty, you need to go back to original dealer to get parts covered for FREE.  If you are not the original purchaser, your blinds and shades are not covered under warranty.  If your original dealer is no longer in business, here are some options to get Insolroll and Hunter Douglas warranty parts:

  • Insolroll warranty parts.  Innovative Openings will supply parts at no-charge
  • Hunter Douglas warranty parts.  You can contact Hunter Douglas directly at 1 (800) 789-0331 or go to their support page

Non-warranty Parts

Innovative Openings has just opened an online parts store to service do-it-yourself customers nationwide.  Visit our NEW online parts store for parts and instruction.  This is a new site, so bear with us more parts are added over next couple of months.

Cleaning and Care

We recommend using the cleaning and care procedures provided by the manufacturer of your specific window treatment. Those instructions are available for you to download here.

If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to email us at