Hunter Douglas Alustra Architectural Shades

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Roman shade meets roller shade for an elegant paneled shade with smooth operation and a clean minimal look.

Alustra dark fabric Architectural Roller Shades

Alustra Architectural Shades combine the best of roller shades and roman shades.

Soft structured panels that roll up simply with a clean-lined appearance are a match made in heaven with an elevated, modern vibe.

Let your room's design shine with the textile design element of premium Alustra textured fabrics and Architectural Shades' horizontal rhythm for a sophisticated, pulled-together look.


Alustra Architectural Shades battens and panels

The best of roman shades

Like roman shades, Hunter Douglas Alustra Architectural Shades feature even, structural horizontal panels that bring design rhythm and architectural interest to your windows. Soft fabric-covered aluminum battens create these sections but allow the shade to wrap around a top roller when raised, for a clean, minimal appearance.


Alustra Architectural Shade Roller

The best of roller shades

Unlike roman shades, there are no lifting cords on the back of the shade, and no 'stack' of fabric folds that accumulate around the bottom rail as the shade goes up. When the shade is fully lowered, the top of the fabric panel slides back to a position closer to the window, which means smaller gaps at the edges for optimal privacy

The roller mechanism also allows for a revers, or front, roll option. When this option is specified, it allows Alustra Architectural Shades to smoothly clear window handles and cranks.

Exclusive textured fabrics

Architectural Shades are available in over 40 globally sourced Alustra Collection premium fabric choices:

  • Sheer- Light-filtering with softened view-through
  • Semi-sheer-Light-filtering with limited view-through
  • Translucent- Light-filtering with no view-through
  • Room Darkening- light blocking with no view-through

Alustra Architectural Shades Fabric Collection

Alustra Architectural Shades are available in Hunter Douglas' exclusive, globally sourced textured fabrics. Choose from over 40 options in sophisticated colors and unique weave patterns.

Alustra Architectural Shades Sheer fabric living
Sheer fabrics

Alustra Architectural Shades semi sheer fabric detail
Semi-sheer fabrics


Alustra Architectural shades semi opaque fabric photo
Semi-opaque (translucent) fabrics

architectural shades opaque fabric photo
Opaque (blackout) fabrics


Sheer Fabrics

Light-filtering with softened view-through


Semi-sheer fabrics

Light-filtering with limited view-through; daytime privacy

Excellent for living areas and layered window treatment applications.


Semi-opaque fabrics

Light-filtering with no view-through

Excellent for areas where light is desired and privacy is needed, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.


Opaque fabrics

Room darkening with no view-through

Excellent for any area where enhanced darkness is needed, such as media rooms, living rooms where you watch TV and movies, and bedrooms to enhance renewing sleep and privacy.

Hunter Douglas Powerview Pebble remote
PowerView® Pebble Remote

Architectural Shades operating system options: designed with child safety in mind

The Window Covering Safety Council recommends using cordless window treatments in homes with small children. Alustra Architectural Shades are available with both a manual and motorized operating system to best meet your needs.


PowerView Pebble Remotes

PowerView® Cordless Motorized Operation

Smart automated control for both battery powered and hard-wired shades.

  • Operate with your smartphone or tablet using the PowerView app (iOS or Android)
  • Operate with Smart Home control integration using the PowerView app, or 3rd party home automation systems with Hunter Douglas hub
  • Operate with voice control via App or Smart Home System controls
  • Create schedules and custom settings/scenes with PowerView App based control
        • Pebble Remote Control with up to six different groupings of window treatments, either individually or together
        • Pebble Scene Controller- Conveniently preview and select room "scenes"- different combinations of shades and shade positions that you've previously programmed using the PowerView App.
        • User-friendly, easy to program operation via Hunter Douglas' new PowerView system

      architectural shades bead chain photo

      Clutch and beaded loop manual operation

        • Easy pull-up operation
        • Child-safe locking chain guide

Detailing Options

Architectural Shade features let you design and detail your shades perfectly.

Standard features

Reverse Roll Feature

Architectural Shade detail Kickback or Reversed Roll Recessed photo
Reversed Roll Recessed
or "Kickback" function

architectural shades fabric covered bottom rail photo

Fabric-covered bottom bar

architectural shades bead chain photo
Manual clutch and
bead chain operation


With so many options available, it's easy to create the look you want for your windows. All Architectural Shades are designed to roll off the front of the roller at a 3 o'clock position, commonly known as "reverse roll". This allows uniform batten and panel spacing from top to bottom as well as easily floating over window handles and cranks. The result is a finished, sophisticated look with precision that brings architectural interest to your whole room.

Standard Features

  • Reverse Roll
  • Kickback™ or "Reverse Roll Recessed" function: This innovative feature moves fabric panel closer to the window after the shade is fully lowered, for smaller edge gaps and optimal privacy. This allows smaller edge gaps and optimal privacy. If you prefer the fabric panel to remain the 3 o'clock position, request no Kickback.
  • Unique fabric-covered bottom bar designed to complement the contoured battens
  • Bottom Rail
  • Manual operation with clutch and bead chain system


Architectural Shades roller detail
Battery Motor inside roller tube

Optional Features

In addition to Reverse Roll, you can opt for:

  • Exclusive hardware and finishes in 2 sleek metallic colors: Brushed Nickel and Bronze Shimmer™
  • Top Treatments
    • Large Square Cassette 2.0
    • Bracket (bracket cover?)
    • Stand-alone Valance
  • Motorized Operation
    • Internal Rechargeable Battery Motor
      • No need for wiring
      • Concealed within roller tube for clean, seamless look and smallest mounting depth for automatic shades
    • Hard-wired motor


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