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Comfortex Aria Faux Wood Blinds

Advanced performance blinds with advanced style.

Comfortex Aria Advanced Faux Wood Blinds

Aria Advanced Faux Wood Blinds are made with high performance, co-extrusion, composite material. Aria are guaranteed not to warp in temperatures up to 148 degrees. The decorative valance on Aria utilizes an adjustable valance on Aria blinds utilizes an adjustable valance attachment clip which allows for height and projection adjustments.

Comfortex aria wood blinds

Aria blinds co-extrusion composite material

  • Light weight, allowing for wider ladder spacing and making blinds easier to lift and operate
  • Durable- ideal for areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Colors and Styles: available in a broad selection of whites and wood tone colors, in classic 2" and 2 1/2" slat sizes
  • Easy to Clean: Use a feather duster or wipe with a damp cloth

Style options

  • Routed: blind cord runs through a hole drilled in the slat
  • Routeless "no-holes": ladder braids or tapes wrap around the slat

Aria blinds Routed option
Routed Option

Aria routeless option
Routeless Option


Designer accents

We offer a wide selection of solid and decorative tapes to customize Aria blinds to your own unique style.

Additional features

  • Flame Resistant and conform to the NFPA 701 Flammability test
  • Thermal Performance: Performance tested to withstand temperatures of up to 148 degrees
  • UV Stability: Performs 40% better than PVC or wood; will not discolor with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • GreenGuard Children & Schools Certification
  • Trapezoidal bottom rail (standard)

All Comfortex Aria Faux Wood Blinds are covered by the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty as a commitment to your satisfaction. Additionally, Comfortex' Premium Performance Guarantee warrants against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing of Aria blinds.

Aria Faux Wood Blinds Colors

Aria faux wood blinds almond - linen

Aria faux wood blinds misty - natural

Aria faux wood blinds white - light cherry

Aria faux wood blinds Oak - Stoney Oak

Aria faux wood blinds textured bright white - whitewash

Aria Faux Wood Blinds Operating Systems

Tilt Operation

  • Wand Tilt: A traditional wand that can be rotated to tilt the slats opened or closed.
  • Motorized Tilt: Somfy motors eliminate the need for tilt cords and allow for easy tilt control at the touch of a button. Tilt motors and cordless hardware may be combined to eliminate all cords for superior convenience, function and safety

Aria motorization


Lift Operation

  • Standard cord lock lift hardware, allowing you to raise and lower the shade by pulling on the single cord. The blind may be stopped at any point. A wand or cord tilt is available to open and close the wood slats.
  • Cordless Lift & Lock™ Option: can be raised and lowered by pressing the button located in the bottom rail and guiding the rail into the desired location

Aria standard cordlock
Standard Cord Lock

Aria lift lock option
Lift & Lock

Aria cordless operation

Aria Faux Wood Blinds Detailing Options

There are 4 valance style options available:

Deco Valance

Aria Deco Valance

Modern Valance

Aria Modern Valance

Crescent Valance

Aria Crescent valance

Decorative Tape Valance

Aria Decorative tape valance

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