“C” is for Child Safety… and Cordless Window Treatments!


October is Child Safety Month, and there are three things you really need to know when it comes to window treatments:

Cordless, cordless, cordless!

Cordless is really the only way to go with window treatments where small children will be present. Happily, there are plenty of options for keeping your home safe and your windows beautiful!


Cordless window treatment choices

Hunter Douglas LiteRise Operator

Hunter Douglas’ LiteRise® cordless shade operator is a beautiful cordless window treatment choice… easily raise or lower blinds and shades by pushing up or pulling down. Simple! The shade stays right where you put it, and not a cord in sight. Available for most of Hunter Douglas’ most popular products, including:
Vignette cordless roman shades



QSR Quiet Spring Roller cordless solar shade

Quiet Spring Roller Shade by Insolroll

Insolroll’s Quiet Spring Roller Shade (QSR) provides beautiful performance for roller shades, with easy, user-friendly adjustment easy stopping at any position you desire, and beautiful finishing options like fabric covered cassette.




Pirouette cordless motorized shades

Motorized Shades for the ultimate in cordless convenience

At Innovative Openings, we specialize in motorized window treatments, and we’ve got the expertise to help you find the perfect window treatment and control solution. The possibilities are growing by the day, and now you don’t have to have an expensive home automation system to get them! Control your window blinds with a smartphone or table app, radio remote control, or wall switches… or, if you do have the home automation system, you can integrate your shades to work in concert with your lighting and other home functions. Create “scenes”… personal settings you design for specific times of day, routines, or activities.  You can get almost any product motorized, including:

With so many options available, it’s easy to find cordless, child safe window treatments that make you swoon. After all, once you’ve decided upon the operator you want, you can move on to my FAVORITE thing… Fabrics and finishes! Safety can be fun ;).



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