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Hunter Douglas Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds

Beautiful and practical, Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds offer the look of real wood with improved durability against sun damage.

faux blinds, faux wood blindsEverwood Alternative Wood Blinds by Hunter Douglas

Enjoy the rich appearance of hardwood with none of the usual upkeep. EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds have classic good looks that will withstand humid weather and sun exposure. They resist fading, yellowing, warping and bowing—making them a dream option for bathrooms and sunrooms alike. Choose from a large selection of colors and realistic finishes, plus decorative upgrades.

Light, privacy, & view-through

  • Rotate slats for variable light control, view-through and privacy; you don't even have to raise the blinds.
  • Slats closed for privacy and room darkening
  • Blind raised for complete view
  • de-Light™ Routless Option* 50% less light leakage through slat holes

The look you want

Stylish Colors & Realistic Textures—The EverWood collection is available in an assortment of colors, including whites, neutrals and grays, and has the most realistic stain-like finishes in the industry.

Colors and patterns


Routless Option

Wood blind decorative tapes
Decorative tapes

Faux wood blind advantages over wood blinds

  • Heat and humidity resistant with the coverage of Performance Plus™ Protection that guards against fading, yellowing, bowing or warping
  • High performance, co-extrusion composite materials to provide the look of real wood.
  • Made to last– Everwood blinds are guaranteed not to fade, yellow, warp or bow– perfect for humid bathrooms or rooms with full sun
  • Exceptionally sturdy slats require less support and afford broader views

5 Everwood collections to suit any taste

  • 2" and 2 1/2" Distinctions™
  • 2 ½" Patina
  • 2" Renditions™
  • 2" Textured
  • 2" TruGrain®

Learn more about Everwood's design collections

Slat sizes

  • 2"
  • 2 ½"

Enhanced Child and Pet Safety

Everwood Blinds offer four cordless operating systems that minimize cords for enhanced safety

  • SimpleLift™
  • LiteRise®
  • PowerView®

Learn more about Everwood operating systems

What's the difference?

Compare with Wood Blinds

Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds Colors

Over 50 color choices available in paint and stain finishes.

Hunter Douglas Everwood Faux Wood Blinds white paint kitchenHunter Douglas Everwood Faux Wood Blinds med paint living room


Hunter Douglas Everwood Faux Wood Blinds med stain living roomHunter Douglas Everwood Faux Wood Blinds dark stain dining room

SimpleLift™ System Bottom Rail Color Options

Distintive details. Custom combinations. Myriad design possibilities.

A variety of color choices.

  • 38 bottom rail colors are available in designer textured and metallic finishes, creating seamless, stylish décor.
  • Bottom rail colors are color-coordinated based on slat color for easy ordering. Or, choose from any of the 38 colors to create your own custom look.
  • Coordinate with existing décor by complementing anything from furniture and fixtures to window frames.

Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds Operating Systems

Operating system choices to match your taste and your lifestyle


The LiteRise operating system makes raising and lowering your blinds and shades easier than ever. Its proprietary design holds blinds and shades securely in any position- gone are the days of constant adjusting.

  • No operating cords; lifting mechanisms in headrail
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Simpler, cleaner look
  • Operate your blinds by simply pushing up or pulling down with your hand


Just push a button on the blind's bottom rail to effortlessly raise and lower your wood blinds.

  • Affordable cordless operation for enhanced child and pet safety
  • Color-coordinated, contoured aluminum bottom rail with push button
  • No handle required

Hunter Douglas' PowerView® Motorized Tilt

  • Available with 2 inch and 2 ½ inch slat sizes
  • With SimpleLift system, no wands or tassels required to lift, lower, or tilt the blind, views are uninterrupted for a clean look.

Product Technical Information

Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds Detailing Options

Design your perfect blind...
Parklands wood blinds string options v2

Choose your slat size and color

  • Available in 2 inch and 2 ½ inch slat sizes
  • Find the perfect color to complement your home décor

Choose your operating system

Five different operating systems designed to meet the needs of any application.

Choose your design options

  • Add the de-Light™ Routless option: eliminates cord holes and reduces light leaks, blocking 50 percent more light than a traditional wood blind construction
  • Add optional decorative tapes to customize your perfect blind

6 Everwood Collections

New Patina Collection

Features a grooved slat with a finish that mimics the look of glazed cabinetry

  • 2" slat size only
  • Artemis™ valance standard with New Matte Collection Shades
  • 7 color options in whites and grays
  • Available with all operating systems

Everwood Textured Collection detail

New Textured Collection

Offers visual texture and intrigue with an embossed slat in both solid and color-streaked options.

  • 2 inch slat size only
  • A combination of solid and color-streaked options
    • 2 solid
    • 6 color-streaked patterns– the natural variations in color-streak intensity and pattern enhance the visual depth and texture of slats in the Textured collection.
  • Available with all operating systems

Everwood Distinctions Collection detail

Distinctions™ Collection

  • 2" and 2 ½" slat sizes
  • Features a palette of Hunter Douglas' best-selling white finishes, ranging from true white to elegant ecru
  • Multiple slat profiles

Everwood Renditions detail

Renditions™ Collection

The optimal choice for customers who desire Hunter Douglas quality at a lower price-point.

  • 2" slat size
  • 18 colors/textures


Everwood TruGrain detail

TruGrain® Collection

Hunter Douglas' proprietary finish mirrors the feeling and realistic depth of natural wood, creating a look of warmth and beauty.

  • 2" slat size
  • 12 beautiful colors/grain patterns

Artemis valance detail

Artemis™ Valance

  • 3 ¼ inches high
  • Sleek, simple look
  • Valance and bottom rail will color-coordinate with the slat color, but not include embossing or color streaks
  • Standard on Textured Collection blinds

Everwood Artemis Valance

Grandover Valance

  • 3 ¼" high
  • Beautiful and traditional
  • Standard on Distinctions, Patina, and TruGrain blinds

Everwood Crown Valance detail

Crown Valance

  • Standard on Renditions™ Blinds
  • Elegant finishing touch


More design options

  • Bay and corner windows
  • French doors
  • Cut-outs

Product technical information

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