Custom Blinds

Light control window treatments with the ability to open and close louvered slats to control harsh Colorado sunshine.

Blinds of all kinds

Blinds have been a popular window covering choice for over 100 years. These louvered window coverings have been so popular that many product variations in style and materials have emerged.

Horizontal blinds and vertical blinds for total light control

Wood blinds vanes opened flat
Slats opened flat for view-through

The biggest advantage of a louvered product is to allow more or less light to enter a room. The ability to tilt slats in a direction that blocks sunlight, but allows indirect lighting is what makes this solution. Slats can be tilted open to allow direct sunlight or tilted closed to provide privacy and room darkening.

  • Slats open and tilted up allows light to bounce off the ceiling, diffusing it throughout the room but keeping it out of your eyes and enhancing privacy for upper level rooms
  • Slats open and tilted down keeps light out of your eyes and enhances privacy for lower level rooms
  • Slats fully open allow more light
  • Slats fully closed affords the most privacy and room darkening

Horizontal blinds can be stacked at the top of the window and vertical blinds traversed to the side to allow more light to enter the room.



wood blinds vanes tilted for privacy
Slats closed and tilted for privacy

Blind finishes to match décor

Widest array of finishes to match every décor

  • Wood Blinds: stained or painted finishes, decorative tapes and hardwoods to match window trims and room design elements
  • Aluminum Metal Blinds: painted and brushed aluminum finishes to match commercial window mullions
  • Vertical blinds: vanes available in an array of textured fabrics and colors