Lutron Automated Solar Shades

Automate Control of Daylight and Privacy with Lutron Automated Solar Shades

Lutron Automated Shades control natural daylightUtilizing daylight as a primary light source in homes and business provides an emotional connection with the outdoors.  Colors are true and rooms are bathed in warm daylight.  Lutron provides precision automatic control of solar shades with simple scenes and timed events.

Integrating lighting controls with solar screen and blackout shades is what Lutron lighting controls is all about…controlling natural lighting with artificial lighting.

Lutron Automated Shades for Safety & Security

Lutron controls provide unlimited possibilities for providing an active lived in look when you are away, close bedroom shades in the evening when you need privacy, and coordinate with artificial lighting to discourage any vandals.  All of this could be programmed into a single switch “Away” for a whole house of Automated Lutron Solar Shades.

Lutron Product PhotographyLutron Shades Provide Natural Beauty at your Windows

Lutron Shading Solutions look and work beautifully. Lutron offers a wide selection of Solar Screen & Blackout Roller shade fabrics and a collection of fashion forward decorative European shade fabrics.  Shades move to transition a space to create the perfect lighting for any situation.

In addition to roller shades, Lutron offers a complete range of automated window treatments including honeycomb shades, wood blinds, window shadings, roman shades, and skylights.

Automating Lutron Solar Screen Shades Saves Energy

Lutron Honeycomb Shades save energyShades can be programmed to block heat when you need it and provide additional window insulation on cold winter evenings.  By automating shades, heat control performance is optimized.  Utility bills see direct impact by making window shading a programmed priority.  Homeowners are happy and more comfortable

Shades can be switched by wireless Pico switches or integrated into Lutron Homeworks Lighting Controls.