Motorized and Automatic Window Treatments

Have you been dreaming of motorized blinds and shades? We can help you make it a reality! Innovative Openings specializes in helping our customers determine what level of motorization meets their needs and desires, from the simple to the sublime.

Products That Can be Motorized

Solar ShadesHunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb ShadesSunesta Patio AwningsNantucket window shadesHunter Douglas Vignette Roman ShadesExterior Rolling ShuttersHunter Douglas Pirouette ShadesHunter Douglas Parkland Wood BlindsHunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window PanelsHunter Douglas Solera Soft BlindsHunter Douglas Provenance Natural Woven Wood ShadesVertical BlindsHunter Douglas LuminetteHunter Douglas Luminette Privacy SheersOasis 2900 Retractable Insect ScreensCustom Digital Printed ShadesQMotion Motorized Solar ShadesInsolroll Blackout ShadesHunter Douglas Alustra Woven ShadesLutron Automated ShadesInsolroll Elements Decorative ShadesMotorized Exterior Rolling Shutters

Motorized window shades, awnings and patio shades have clear benefits- they are convenient, easy to operate, and present countless possibilities for lifestyle enhancement. With automated controls, they offer optimized energy efficiency, allowing customized scenes and schedules. Automated controls can lower cooling costs by responding to weather and lighting conditions to decrease the need for artificial lighting. Motorized shades, blinds and awnings are available at 3 levels of sophistication and performance:

  • Simple Remote Controls
  • App-based Controls
  • Integrated Control with home lighting and automation systems

Nearly every window treatment and patio shading solution we sell can be motorized at the simple, app-based, and integrated levels.

Innovative Openings combined Window Treatment and Motorization Expertise

Expertise and experience- it’s our promise to you.

At Innovative Openings, we’ve invested in the technology, training and infrastructure to truly master blind and shade motorization at every level. And while our showroom, product lines and service programs are impressive, the most important investment we make is in our people. Our sales representatives, installers and repair personnel have the personal expertise and experience to make your project meet your expectations.

We will help you choose the right product to meet your needs, and the control system that fits your lifestyle. We will achieve the highest functionality of your motorized window treatments or outdoor shading for your particular application, and will assist you in the design and detailing process. We will expertly install your product, assist you with programming your controls to do exactly what you want them to, and teach you how to operate them with ease. And then years down the road, if and when you need service, we will be there to take care of your window treatments and you.

That’s the Innovative Openings difference.


PowerView Pebble Remote
Hunter Douglas PowerView Pebble Remote
Somfy radio remote control
Somfy radio remote control; available in single channel and 5 channel.

1. Simple Remote Controls

Shades can have a battery or hardwired power source. They can be controlled separately from other devices, with handheld remotes or wireless wall switches. Learn more about simple controls.


Hunter Douglas PowerView control app

2. App-based Controls

Shades can have a battery or hardwired power source. They can be wirelessly controlled using your smartphone or tablet linked with a home Wi-Fi network (with a control app for iOS or Android systems), handheld remote controls and wall switches. Systems with Somfy’s myLink and Hunter Douglas’ Powerview work with Amazon’s Echo Alexa for voice control.  Learn more about app-based control.

3. Integrated Control

home automation control

Shades can have battery or hardwired power sources, and operate in concert with other home systems such as lighting, HVAC, security, music and more. Learn more about the possibilities with Integrated Controls.


Understanding How Motorized Blinds and Shades Work

Quiet battery motor shades

For every motorized window treatment, there are 2 primary considerations: the power source and the control/communication method.motorized blinds and shades power source options

Power Sources

Battery Operated Motors

Battery operated window treatments do not require wiring or an electrician, and can be a perfect solution for existing homes, small areas and areas to which it would be difficult to run power for a motorized shade.

  • No wiring
  • No electrician

Hardwired Motors

Traditional, hardwired motors offer durability and reliability, and may require a certified electrician.

  • Greater lifting capacity
  • Oversized and hard-to-reach shades
  • Quiet and UltraQuiet Motors


Control and Communication Method

Window treatments must receive a signal to go up or down, and that signal can be either radio or wi-fi based.Motorized window treatments communication icon

Radio Motor Switching Technology

A radio signal to a shade motor is sent from:

  • Wireless handheld remote control
  • Wireless wall switch transmitter
  • 1 channel or 16 channel radio interface module (for integrated control)
  • Dry contact/radio interface (for integrated control)
  • Sun sensor
  • Wi-fi to radio bridge (Hub)

Mobile Device Control

  • SmartPhone
  • Tablet
  • Wi-fi to radio bridge (Hub)

Hard-wired Switches and Relays

  • 3-position switch
  • Variety of colors and styles

Motor Technologies

Innovative Openings window treatment motorization expertise spans a wide spectrum of motor technologies.

  • Tubular motors
  • Drapery track motors
  • AC motors
  • DC motors
  • Battery motors
  • Solar and Rechargeable motors
  • Quiet and UltraQuiet motors

Award-winning UL-Listed Motorized Shade Systems from Insolroll

Insolroll® Solar ShadesUnique in the window treatments industry, Insolroll Shades are available with UL-Listed complete motorized shade systems with the highest documentable electrical safety standard. Insolroll Solar, Blackout and Elements Decorative Shades are manufactured by Innovative Openings' manufacturing division, Insolroll Window Shading Systems, located in Louisville, Colorado.

  • Have met the Underwriters Laboratories most stringent safety requirements for "Listed" designation, exceeding products with UL-Recognized status
  • Shades bear the UL-Listed label for electrical inspectors to see
  • Optimizes the inspection process and facilitates meeting both local code requirements and those of multiple Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)
  • Recognized by the Window Covering Manufacturer's Association as the "Most Innovative Concept" in the "Green" Products, Health and Environmental Safety Category, WCMA

Simple, Standalone Controls

Easy to use, intuitive standalone controls are the simplest way to set up a motorized shade system. Use either a handheld remote or a wireless wall switch to raise and lower your window treatments. Some remotes and switches can control up to 5 shades.

IO motorized blinds and shades simple remote control system
PowerView Pebble RemotesSomfy single channel radio wall switchSomfy single channel radio remote

Hardware Required

  • Remote Controls AND/OR
  • Wireless Wall Switches


What does it take to get set up?

  1. Innovative Openings installs your window treatments.
  2. Innovative Openings programs your remote(s) or wall switch(es).
  3. Innovative Openings teaches you to operate your window treatments.

App-Based Control Systems

Control your blinds and shades conveniently and even remotely with your smartphone or tablet using a home Wi-Fi network and a mobile control app. Some control systems are compatible with voice-control systems such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Homekit, and additional functionalities are becoming available for these systems every day.

IO motorized blinds and shades app-based control system


Hardware Required

  • Home Wi-Fi Network
  • Integration Device for Wi-fi Control (Hub)
  • Control devices (smartphone, tablet)

Software Required

  • 3rd party FREE app for iOS or Android systems

Smartphones and tablets- device control for motorized shades and more

Use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to control your window treatments. Some systems allow the user to add lighting, thermostat and other controls. Handheld remote controls and wall switches also available as part of these systems.

Create scenes and schedules

Easily program your shades to operate on a schedule, or create "scenes", or one-button settings that control multiple shades and other devices for certain times of day, activities or events. Learn more.

Control your shades, blinds, and awnings remotely

If you're not at home and need to retract your awning that was left open, it's as simple as tapping your smartphone screen.From almost anywhere in the world, you can operate your window treatments and patio shading, as well as execute any scenes you have programmed.

Enjoy expanded capabilities

With a Wi-fi Integration Device (Hub) in place, some systems allow later expansion by the homeowner to control home lighting, security, some appliances, audio systems, thermostats, garage doors, sprinkler systems and more (this may require additional hardware and/or software). Compatible devices are being added to the various platforms almost daily.

extra capabilities icons
Our motorized shades can be part of a larger system you have in your home, controlling other devices and home systems.

Hub Systems Available

  • Somfy MyLink (use with roller shades, awnings, rolling shutters, patio shades and more)
  • Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub (use with Hunter Douglas shading products and control app)
  • Lutron Caséta Control System
  • Other 3rd Party Hubs (Wink, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, etc.)

What does it take to get set up?

  1. Innovative Openings installs your window treatments
  2. Innovative Openings connects to your Wi-Fi network
  3. Innovative Openings assists you with downloading the free control app for your platform.
  4. Innovative Openings assists you with programming your shades for schedule and scene control

Integrated Home Automation

For this sophisticated level of motorized window treatment control, Innovative Openings becomes involved earlier in your project earlier in the process. IO works with your entire design and construction team to design and build the window treatment and outdoor shading piece of your home control system. Together we will integrate your window treatments with your home's other systems to achieve the performance and control of your dreams.

IO motorized blinds and shades integrated control system


Hardware Required

  • 3rd party home automation system
  • Control devices (see below)

Many control options

  • Touchscreens and designer keypads
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Wall switches and handheld remotes
  • System timers, sensors

Integrated Control

Your home's systems can be controlled to operate in concert, automatically by schedule and sensor, allowing you to design the ways you want to control them and the ways you want them to work together. This includes but is not limited to Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC), Audio, Security, Sprinkler Systems, Outdoor living area lighting and appliances and more.

3rd Party Home Automation Systems

  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • Savant
  • Lutron
  • Others

What does it take to get set up?

  1. Innovative Openings collaborates in the design process, coordinating with your interior designer to create window treatments and patio shading that are beautiful and highly functional.
  2. Innovative Openings coordinates with your architect, electrician, builder and other trades to ensure a smooth, on-time process and well-thought out result that integrates the whole home.
  3. Innovative Openings installs your window treatments and patio shading.
  4. Innovative Openings assists in programming your shading system based on your preferences, lifestyle, home application and any needs or desires you have for it.

Custom "Scenes" and Schedules- Automation Allows Real life at its finest!

somfy MyLink Motorized shade control lifestyle

Setting Motorized Shade Control "Scenes"

Imagine what your life could look like if things could be just right more of the time... With App-based motorized shade controls and Integrated motorized shade controls, you can achieve just that, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

App-based Control Scenes

With the simplest app-based shade control system in place, you can wirelessly operate any shade or group of shades (or awning, shutters, etc.) with the touch of a button. Scenes can be on-demand with a tap or swipe on your mobile device, or scheduled to happen at the same time every day.

Somfy MyLink iPhone screen motorized shades

  • For "Good Morning", you may create a scene in which the blackout portion of a dual shade in your bedroom rises to let the sun gently wake you while leaving the translucent shade down for privacy. This can be scheduled to happen at a certain time, or at sunrise each day.
  • For "Bedtime" you might create a scene in which your patio awning retracts if it is still out, your kitchen and dining room blinds come down, and your bedroom shutters close.
  • For "Movie Time" you may create a scene in which room-darkening blinds or shades come down, and the draperies covering your home theater screen slide open.

If you take your App-based Control to the next level, adding additional home system controls for your lighting, thermostat, or front door locks, for instance, you can increase the sophistication of your scenes.

  • For your "Good Morning" scene, you could add bedroom lights on a dimmer, slowly brightening to your wake-up level
  • For your "Bedtime" scene, you might add front door locking, outdoor security lights on and thermostat temperature lowered
  • For your "Movie Time" scene, you might add dimming accent lighting for while the movie runs, and lock the front and back doors when the movie starts

Integrated Lighting and Home Automation Control Scenes

Programming scenes with home automation


With an integrated home automation system, your scenes can be epic if you so choose. Home systems such as heating and cooling, security, sprinklers, lighting, appliances, home-audio, home-theater, outdoor living shades or heaters, and more can act in concert, executing whatever you may dream of to create a perfect setting for any time of day, any activity, or any special occasion.

  • For your "Morning" scene, you may want to add soft music that gradually rises in volume over 5 minutes, heating in the house to come up to 72 degrees, slow warming of flooring and towel bars in the master bath, and coffee brewing in the kitchen.
  • For your "Bedtime" scene, you might add turning off patio lights, lowering thermostat to 68 degrees, soft blue lighting in the bedroom and soft LED night-light strips to gently light the way to the refrigerator for a midnight snack.
  • For your "Movie Time" scene,  you could choose to add control of a state-of-the-art video and sound system, media seats with added function like lighted cup holders and bases, or a fiber-optic starry sky ceiling installation.


With both App-based and Integrated Controls, you can schedule the opening and closing of blinds, shades, drapes and other window treatments and patio shading for particular times of day, repeating daily, weekly, or once. You can create schedules to create the appearance that someone is at home during times when you are vacationing. With expanded App-based control you can control some lighting and other items by schedule as well, and with Integrated control, there are almost no limits to what can be controlled.

  • Set blinds near plants to open in the morning, close in the brightest midday sun, and reopen in late afternoon
  • Set patio shades or awnings to automatically retract at the end of the evening if they are still deployed
  • Set bedroom shades to open at sunrise each day without being part of a scene
  • Schedule various lights and music around your home to come on and off while you are away