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Motorized Solar Screen and Blackout Shades


Insolroll® Motorized Solar Screen and Audio-Visual Shades are the perfect window covering solutions for large windows in fine residences and commercial buildings alike.

motorized rollershades detail

Our Insolroll® Shades use a tubular motor that mounts inside the roller tube.  Innovations in tubular motors combined with our “Open Architecture” control approach to home automation integration ensure that all of the window treatments on the project can be operated by any control systems of any brand, not just ours. In addition, all of our control solutions allow for freestanding operation of the window treatments so they can be operated with or without whole house controls.

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There has been a wide range of advancements in motor technology over the past five years that has allowed us to meet and exceed almost every request we have had for controlling motorized solar screens and blackout shades.

110 V AC Motor  – 4 wire AC directional motor with 50-year track record
110 V AC Radio Motor – 3 wire RADIO motor eliminates switch legs
110 V AC “Quiet” Motor – 4 wire Quiet AC motor with 44 db rating
110 V AC “Quiet” Radio Motor – 3 wire Quiet RADIO motor eliminates switch legs
110 V AC “Quiet” Intelligent Motor– Intelligent Quiet AC motor (linked by bus line communications)
24 V DC Motor – 2 wire DC directional motor
24 V DC ” Quiet” Radio Motor – 2 wire Quiet 24 v DC RADIO motor; ideal for retrofits
24 V DC “Quiet” Intelligent Motor– Intelligent Quiet DC motor works with competitive system pre-wires
12 V DC Radio Battery Motor– 12 volt Battery motor with built-in RADIO receiver

Technical Details

Window Treatment Motorization Solutions

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Installation Instructions

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